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We are SEO Mafia.
We are a Brisbane SEO specialist that strives to make immediate and substantial impacts on the websites of our SEO Brisbane clients.
With our technical SEO knowledge and experience, we will get the SEO results you require for profitable revenue.

At SEO Mafia, we will comprehensively review and deeply analyse your Brisbane SEO web page, web host and web domain. This will give us the crucial information needed to make a sound judgment on the best way forward for your business. We will implement crucial SEO changes, followed by continuous testing to ensure your Brisbane SEO profile has every chance to succeed.


Why your business needs our SEO Brisbane services?

SEO results are an integral part of a modern-day business marketing strategy. Using the services of a quality Brisbane SEO organisation is essential if you wish to achieve your desired business outcomes. When accepting our SEO Brisbane services, your website undertakes a transformation that will maximise and better your online traffic. SEO Mafia also heavily focuses on your webpage ranking across many mainstream and independent search engines. 

Our SEO problem solving and decision-making capabilities are vital for the successful outcomes we wish to deliver to our SEO Brisbane clients. Our ability to create engaging and relevant content for our SEO Brisbane clients is one of our main strengths. We understand that a strong SEO content strategy is extremely valuable to SEO results. By utilising our SEO Brisbane services, we will produce an enjoyable website experience, leading to decisive customer satisfaction and a healthy conversion rate, which will give your business the SEO shakeup it needs.

Business in the modern world!

The way we do business in the modern world may have changed dramatically over the past decade. 

The methodology of business to increase exposure and client attraction has changed with it. This has created many new job titles requiring a technical SEO skill set that our outstanding Brisbane SEO specialist has, with extensive understanding and experience. We offer our SEO Brisbane service with complete confidence that we have the knowledge and expertise to produce positive SEO result for your business.

Traffic in our daily lives is a mood killer. Whether it is a painful commute home from a long day at work or hitting bumper to bumper gridlock on the way to a social commitment, traffic has for long been a word associated with unproductivity and frustration.

Not in the SEO world. Traffic is essential to business success, and SEO Mafia will direct the good kind of traffic your way!

Businesses need online traffic, and the more traffic, the better. Increased traffic, more often than not, leads to sales. It is essentially the most challenging marketing strategy for Brisbane SEO agencies, getting the online masses of people onto the website of their SEO Brisbane clients. Then, to engage the traffic long enough, with a creative SEO content strategy, to entice them to use their services or buy their products. 

Increase the traffic quality

At SEO Mafia, we focus not only on increasing your traffic but also on enhancing the quality of traffic. We believe quality is as important as quantity in regards to your SEO results. Using our many technical SEO methods, we are confident in bringing you the quality and amount of traffic needed for your business gain. 


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Who is SEO Mafia?

SEO Mafia is a SEO Brisbane company that offers SEO Brisbane services to all businesses that wish to improve their online presence and exposure. Our team of Brisbane SEO specialist have in-depth knowledge and technical SEO experience to provide the SEO results that your company needs to be successful. We set up an SEO content strategy that suits your business scope that is practical and concise yet also comprehensive and ambitious, rather than trying to sell unrealistic dreams that other Brisbane SEO competitors may do to further their own business appeal.

SEO Mafia prides itself on ongoing and transparent articulation with our clients to uphold strong client relationships. We understand that our purpose to our Brisbane SEO clients is to produce SEO results; however, we also understand that our technical SEO approach should be shared with our clients to ensure the best SEO Brisbane services are given. 

Sound business/customer relations

The business method may have changed in the technology-driven world; however, the idea of good business/customer relations deliver more substantial results has not. Therefore, we aim to be an honest and trustworthy Brisbane SEO agency and allow you to be the business you have always dreamed of being.

If you’re not first, you’re last!

SEO Mafia | SEO Brisbane

When it comes to your company’s brand visibility online, being first in search engine rankings is key. When searched keywords that are relatable to your business scope results in your business being the first pick of the bunch in search engine results, you have one almighty advantage over your competition. Your web page ranking is a strong indication of how strong your Search Engine Optimization is and the priority exposure your business brand is receiving. 

It could essentially be the difference between a struggling and successful business. 

Major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, use a ranking algorithm to rank web pages, putting them in order of importance in their search engine listed results. The algorithm to create web page rankings consider many factors, including the number and quality of links, plus your website’s traffic and conversion rate.

Grow your Brisbane SEO status

By contacting SEO Mafia today and discussing the many options to improve your business website’s Search Engine Optimisation, you are making the first step up the SEO ladder. Our SEO Brisbane specialist will analyse Google algorithm updates and many other search engine algorithms to push your website towards the gold medal position.

SEO Mafia will hit you up!




What does it all mean, and why does it affect our SEO results?

Simply put, when your web page gets a hit, it means someone has been directed to your business web site.

By tracking hits and sending hit data for analytic reviews, SEO Mafia can strengthen optimisation in areas that make an impact whilst implementing changes in areas that can be improved.

Understanding your hits is important to know which files are called to browsers, which our SEO Brisbane specialist can deeply evaluate to adjust your web page to suit. 

Let us make you an offer you can't refuse!

Here at SEO Mafia, our SEO Brisbane Services are comprehensive and varied to get the best SEO results for our SEO Brisbane clients. We first analyse and review the current web page that needs our SEO experience to see where it can be improved for immediate impact. We spend precious time to clearly understand your business scope, as this helps us to work towards a website experience that is functional, easy-to-use and that provides the best chance of SEO results. 

We do this by undertaking SEO keyword research to ensure our methods are up to date to give the best competitive edge. We also believe our SEO content strategy is impeccable, with a heavy focus on implementing the right SEO content strategy for each SEO Brisbane client to deliver the greatest possibility of success. 

SEO Mafia also uses technical SEO practices such as intelligent link building and high-quality SEO backlinks building to increase website visibility and ranking. We also recognise the importance of mainstream search engines like Google, with our Brisbane SEO specialist constantly in touch with the latest Google SEO updates and Google Algorithm updates


What SEO Brisbane services do SEO Mafia provide?

Some of our SEO Brisbane services include:

SEO Keyword Research

We consider ourselves the keyword kings, with our talented Brisbane SEO specialist knowing how and when to use keywords to their best use.

Our SEO keyword research identifies commonly used words in navigational, informational and transactional search queries. 

Once a keyword is singled out, SEO Brisbane Mafia can utilise it to align our SEO Brisbane client’s web page to be found easily on search engine hunts related to their product or service. Finding the keywords to suit your business is vital, and SEO Mafia is the best SEO Brisbane company to help you with this.

SEO Backlinks Building

We don’t just link; we put our time, energy and resource toward SEO backlink building to give your business a brand awareness boost with high-quality connections.

By leaving strong links on alternative websites, our team will direct quality traffic to your website to increase your exposure and enhance your search engine ranking. 

It is a trialled and tested SEO strategy used by all SEO Brisbane companies; however, we believe our group of SEO Brisbane specialists offers the best SEO Brisbane services for link building implementation. 

SEO Content Strategy

We confidently back our SEO content strategy team against any of our SEO Brisbane competitors.

We know we have the right technical SEO skills to find your business’s value to consumers and display it engagingly and effectively. 

By identifying the target audience and then strategising the content of your website intelligently, we can help improve your quality of traffic whilst holding consumers’ attention. Ultimately, this may lead to an increased conversion rate, bringing in more revenue to help your business become more profitable.

Google SEO Updates/Google Algorithm Updates

We are keeping you up to date! So Google has the search engine monopoly, with variable estimations ranging between 70% to a crazy 93% of the search market share.

It reinforces the need to keep renewed with Google algorithm updates to ensure your webpage ranking does no fall behind due to complacency.

Google determines your website’s estimated importance with crafty algorithms and then slaps on a ranking to which position you will be displayed from a relative search. Our Google SEO updates better your page ranking chances to keep your business web page at the top of all Google searches that may require your services and products. This enhances your chance of quality customers being directed your way.


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Why All Business Industries Need A Strong Online Presence

Business has evolved in recent years, as consumers opt to use the internet to get all the info they need before utilising a service or buying a product. It estimated that nearly three-quarters of the public prefer this method of research. Essentially this means that all industries should deeply consider making the online leap if they haven’t already done so, as trends suggest that online marketing is here to stay.  Many businesses in industries that have previously ignored the option for an online marketing strategy have found it to be the boost their business needed. It has effectively advanced their business from being sustainable to prosperous when an SEO Gold Coast service has been used, such as SEO Mafia.  Examples of two industries that benefit from our SEO Gold Coast Hospitality The hospitality industry is one of the most judged and reviewed industries online, as the trusted word of mouth method slowly loses its weight. Diners and social butterflies are constantly searching the world wide web for reassurance that they will eat the finest food or enjoy the best atmosphere in town, and if your business is not offered online, how will they know what they are missing out on.

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The Importance Of Content Variety For Your Audience

When traffic is directed to your website from a search engine, link or referral, your content must engage visitors to stay. Online business is ruthless, with many web pages fighting over the same target audiences; therefore, your content is your chance to impress. An ambitious yet professional SEO content strategy will often utilise various content to entertain the user’s attention whilst delivering the information on the service or product they require swiftly and effectively. Video content Online users love video content! The ease of sharing a video is a major reason for this and the ability to pass it onto a friend across many apps with just a press of a button. Videos are becoming a significant force within our SEO Gold Coast in attracting a broader audience. Video content also brings identity to your brand that other forms may not be able to show. A video can be made to suit your business appeal and your target audience to connect on a deeper level. It can portray your business’s confidence and professionalism, or perhaps it needs to be more informative, or maybe a fun and enjoyable video is required to bring a smile.  Another critical reason video content should

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The Reason To Optimise Your Web Page To Google Algorithms

Google has a stronghold on the search engine market, with some estimation suggesting a staggering 92% of users choose Google as their search engine of choice. With numbers like these, all web pages must have a strong SEO that focuses on being valued by Google if they wish to have the desired traffic directed their way. Global dominance With a company value in excess of 300 billion dollars, Google plays a significant part in how society uses the internet and carries out business. Google is so much more than a search engine, as it has expanded into many areas, including an email service, a platform to watch and upload videos, a translating tool and a reliable news source. On average, Google answers 3.5billion internet searches daily, and it operates in 80 languages, reinforcing its global dominance. Google algorithm When a search is entered into Google, it needs to find related web pages for the query, rank them in order of importance and return them in a list for the user’s benefit, and all within a matter of seconds. It is an incredible feat to achieve, and Google has their comprehensive algorithms, known as PageRank, to thank. PageRank PageRank, named after

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E-Commerce SEO

SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce Websites

E-commerce SEO helps your online store to be more visible in the search engine results. When people search for products you sell, it is vital that your business ranks as highly as possible. If you do, you get more traffic; it’s that simple. Organic SEO Services in Brisbane is a cost-effective marketing strategy and usually involves optimising the following: Headlines Product descriptions Metadata Internal link structure Navigational structure And more The goal is efficient search and user experience on a dedicated page for each product you sell. Read on to learn more from the experts at SEO Mafia who know how to draw traffic from search engines. Why SEO for e-commerce matters When consumers need a product or service they perform Google searches. While looking for options, tips, and comparisons, they are acquiring information to help them make informed decisions. You lose critical access to interested e-commerce customers if you are not on Google’s first page. E-commerce Organic SEO Services in Brisbane provides a way to reach your target audience, getting people to your site, showing them your high-quality products and using motivating calls to action to make a sale. How to develop an e-commerce SEO strategy By working with a skilled team like the one at SEO Mafia, your e-commerce SEO will become a solid strategy that utilises the following: Prioritised pages: We begin with the pages on your site that get the most traffic or a flagship product Creating a workflow that meets the specific requirements of SEO, inclusive of keywords, adding metadata, ensuring images are named correctly, and more Checking out the competition to outwit them. We study your top competitors’ sites and identify ways to make yours better Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to ensure the ongoing plan is built for success E-commerce SEO checklist: Using the right keywords Keywords matter. You don’t want to overload your site with them, but they need to be present. Mentioning your primary keywords in the right places and sprinkling latent semantic index (LSI) keywords is the best way to help Google understand your page. Before you use a keyword, it is vital to research it. From how often people search for it to how competitive it is and what people are looking for when they use it is all vital to the success of your optimisation strategy. Speak to SEO Mafia about your e-Commerce SEO today We understand that you do not have the time to manage all of this along with your e-commerce business, that is why we are here! Our expert team will ensure that your Organic SEO Services in Brisbane is working FOR your business to get those top spots in the Google Search. Speak to a Brisbane SEO expert at SEO Mafia today and let’s form the perfect, cost-efficient plan to suit your products and services. The success and growth of your business depend on it! 

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E-Commerce Keywords and Your Business Success with Brisbane SEO

Did you ever think you should give your site visitors comparisons of your product with those of your competitors, so they don’t need to leave your site for research? This is one of many SEO strategies that work to boost your sales. Organic SEO Services in Brisbane isn’t one thing. In the world of e-commerce, it is a combined effort of all pieces of a business. You need to make yourself the best business for a customer to shop at, then you’ll be able to hit those top spots in the search. Why does e-commerce SEO matter? Let’s say you are a store that sells outfits for pugs. You would be aiming to rank for a key term like “pug clothing”. In search results, Google offers a few ads, followed by the organic listings. Clicks, however, often go to organic results. In fact, ~95% of people don’t go past the first page, so let’s say “pug clothing” gets ~11,000 searches every month (on average), 35% of those clicks go to the first result and the top ranking for that keyword would get 3,850 clicks. Even with a low conversion rate of 10%, that’s an extra 385 sales per month. And that is why e-commerce SEO matters!  Ranking for multiple keywords The example above is just one keyword, usually, you would try to rank for multiple keywords across multiple pages. This could mean thousands of extra sales per month due to just a little Brisbane SEO. Keyword research is the first step and it is vital to engage SEO Brisbane experts like SEO Mafia to get this right. If you don’t, you run the risk of: Using target keywords that are too difficult to rank for Ranking for keywords that don’t get a lot of traffic Your eCommerce keyword research is important to ensure you target keywords that are easy to rank for, have good search volume and high conversion rates. Understand e-commerce buyer intent  How far along someone is in their decision to buy is an important element in your strategy. Someone searching for “best laptop” is likely in the research phase. They are reading product reviews and comparing benefits. However, if they are searching “Apple MacBook”, they’re probably shopping for the best deal on that particular laptop and are ready to buy. Buyer intent often correlates with the cost per click (CPC). The more people are willing to spend a keyword, the higher its conversion rate. Luckily, our team can do all of this for you and find the best options for your products and services. Speak to the experts at SEO Mafia today, we ensure the highest quality Organic SEO Services in Brisbane to help your products raise up the search and move off the shelves!

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E-Commerce and Brisbane SEO

Brisbane SEO for e-commerce success Did you know that the SEO marketing strategy has the highest ROI out of any eCommerce marketing campaign? Even though this is a well-known fact, most online shops give no consideration to their standing in the search engines. Many rely on social media or paid ads which take a lot of effort and come with a hefty cost. Organic SEO Services in Brisbane, on the other hand, requires some effort to help you rank but is very easy to maintain from there on. The SEO Brisbane experts at SEO Mafia can help, read on to learn more about this. How does free, recurring, high-converting traffic sound? E-commerce SEO is reliant on a few key factors: Keyword research Site architecture  On-Page SEO  Technical SEO  Local SEO  Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors. Link Building  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to making sure your website is seen by relevant consumers thanks to specific keywords that help it rank higher in search results, such as Google. Sure, there are a lot of technical aspects of SEO, which experts at companies like SEO Mafia can help with, but there is also a creative user experience and design side to it, which is of benefits to your customers. Creating the best possible result for your target keyword E-Commerce SEO has the goal of mastering Google’s search results, so your business is the answer to the searcher’s questions. The key to achieving this includes: Answering the most thorough answers to the widest range of questions in regards to your industry Using quality images, videos, or examples  Providing a better user experience with a faster site, mobile experience, intuitive interface, etc. Get people linking to you For eCommerce SEO, this all means writing thorough, vivid product descriptions and using beautiful, eye-catching photography. Along with this, you’ll need plenty of reviews to help with those purchase decisions. Making it easy for visitors to purchase  Are your ‘buy now’ buttons big enough? Is your site glitch-free? Do you have social proof of your best products? SEO Mafia is an SEO Brisbane company that can help with all of the above. We offer SEO Brisbane services to e-commerce businesses that wish to improve their online presence and boost sales. Our team of Brisbane SEO specialists have in-depth knowledge that will achieve the SEO results you need.  Speak to us today about setting up an SEO content strategy that suits your e-commerce business that is comprehensive and ambitious. Our clients are always included in our plan and we communicate with them to ensure the purpose of our Brisbane SEO is in line with their goals. Get the SEO results you need today with help from our technical SEO approach. The best Organic SEO Services in Brisbane are found here at SEO Mafia. 

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What our clients say:

Let your SEO Brisbane specialist, SEO Mafia, work their SEO Brisbane magic!


If your business’s website is struggling to attract the traffic and the high-quality clients you need to be successful, now is this time to contact SEO Mafia, your SEO Brisbane specialist. All our SEO Brisbane services are comprehensive to ensure SEO Mafia can give your business the SEO results you need to be seen.

Let us work our SEO Brisbane magic whilst you concentrate on your business operations, and together we can make your business successful.