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How to boost e-commerce conversion rates

Conversion rates are essential to e-commerce results and need to be competitive for a business to be sustainable. It is an ongoing challenge to keep conversion rates at the level necessary for a business to maintain a consistent revenue to keep things ticking over.

Boosting your e-commerce conversion rates to the next level is even more challenging but very doable with some clever use of tested and tried digital marketing methods. 

What is a conversion rate?

First, we better explain what a conversion rate is so you all know what we are trying to boost.

A conversion rate is how many visits a website receives per purchase. It indicates how well your website attracts traffic and converts it into sales, showing how strong your e-commerce marketing strategy is.

Boosting e-commerce conversion rates

Below we have some great ways to boost e-commerce conversion rates to help businesses reach their potential.

Search Engine Optimisation

Engaging a professional Search Engine Optimisation company is a wise move, as they will assess your website and make SEO changes to help boost e-commerce conversion rates. Optimising your website to attract search engine algorithms will improve your search engine results page ranking and lead quality.

How to optimise for increase e-commerce conversion:

  • Optimum keywords
  • Meaningful content
  • No tricks
  • Efficient purchasing process
  • Content variety

Engaging video content

Engaging video content is one of the most valuable content mediums in e-commerce marketing. A video can inform your audience of your service or product while persuading them to make a purchase. Videos can be self-made using a smartphone or professionally made through an agency, depending on e-commerce marketing budgets.

How to use video content to boost e-commerce conversion:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Personal testimonials and reviews
  • Live stream events and promotions
  • Behind the scenes
  • Q&A’s

Social media interaction

Social media is a great marketing tool with many applications to display your e-commerce purpose to entice sales. It is crucial to work social media to your advantage, interacting with the millions of potential customers at your fingertips. It is also an economical marketing tool with excellent results to boost e-commerce conversion rates.

How to use social media to boost e-commerce conversion:

  • Personalised videos
  • Enlightening blogging 
  • Appealing info-graphics
  • Regular posts

Email communication

Email communication is one of the most reliable sources of e-commerce marketing that positively boosts conversion rates. As other methods offer more engaging and flashy forms of mediums, email communication connects to customers when they have time to view the marketing information. As a free form of correspondence, email is an excellent method to boost e-commerce conversion rates with little risk and big rewards.

How to use email to boost e-commerce conversion:

  • Business newsletter
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Market analyses
  • Discount offers, codes and promotions
  • New subscription incentives
  • Cold email outreach

Giving your e-commerce conversion rate the boost it needs

These e-commerce marketing methods are great ways to boost your e-commerce conversion rates and can be implemented immediately to make a significant difference. Using a professional digital marketing and SEO service, like SEO Mafia, is recommended to reach e-commerce potential.