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International SEO

Now is the time to establish an SEO strategy for any company thinking about global expansion or already dominating the world market. NOW is the best moment to develop an SEO game plan if you’re considering international expansion or have already done so. The process of optimizing your website and content in order to make search engines aware of which nations and languages you want to target is known as international SEO.

Site Structure

Before you begin, make sure your internationalized content is properly structured. country targeting concerns the use of an international-friendly URL structure to target a specific country or region.

The goal is for search engines to know where to direct traffic from the nations you are targeting. Because your URL structure aids Google in determining which of your pages should be displayed in various countries, it’s critical to pick your URL structure intelligently.


You can set up multilingual or multiregional third-level domains in this area. The benefit is that you won’t have to worry about maintaining many unique sites since you’ll be creating only one. It’s a fantastic choice if your content and goods aren’t very different aside from minor regional or language changes.

Tailored Content

It’s worth noting that people across the world have diverse methods of getting online. As a result, you should make your material as consumable as possible on the most popular devices in the countries you’re targeting.

Finally, you want your audience to feel that your material is directed at them, increasing the likelihood that they will have a positive experience. If done correctly, international SEO efforts should go virtually unnoticed by users. Users should simply get appropriate content in their language and within their country/region.

Duplicate Content

Even if you localize your material, you’ll almost certainly wind up with very similar content in different language versions of the same language. International SEO is a frequent pain point. Let’s assume that you offer the identical items in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, for example. Because Google can’t tell which one is best, duplicate content may harm your rankings since they’re not sure which to return to users.

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