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The Importance of Owning a Domain

Every year, 1 million domain names are registered. The number keeps growing every year because the trend of owning a website is increasing day by day.

Some people think that having their own website is not necessary for them and they can use social media websites like Twitter or Facebook to spread their word. This kind of mindset is really wrong. People need to realise that it takes real effort to build one’s brand on social media platforms. They are free but only time given will take you far. It might even take years before someone actually takes notice of your message there because your post/photo has to be seen first by an editor or admin if the platform allows users to share content he created with other users. If there are millions of other users sharing content there then it will be impossible to get your post/photo seen first unless you are extremely lucky.

For that reason, owning your own website is important because you can use SEO to increase the number of people who visit your website. Let’s say an online shop wants to sell books, they need their own e-commerce website with a domain name like for example. Why? It’s because search engines treat domain names as primarily unique identifiers of web pages on internet, so if someone searches for “where I can buy cheap books online” in Google search engine, results would include links of websites selling books which have mentioned ‘cheap’ and ‘online’ in their key words used for SEO.

Having a domain name is beneficial for the online shop because Google will give higher ranking to websites which it can recognise uniquely, so if the website has its own domain name like then this would make it easier for Google to rank it by recognising it as a unique web page that deserves to be at top most position in search engine result pages or SERPs.