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The Importance of Local SEO

SEO is the process of increasing the exposure of your website or webpage through organic search engine results. The higher your rank, the more likely it is that people will visit or click on your page. SEO is extremely useful because it’s not ridiculously expensive like other forms of advertisement and you can track how much exposure you’re getting on a daily basis, without needing to spend extra money. But what makes local SEO different than regular old SEO?

Lately, businesses have been focused on doing everything they can to increase their online presence; this has meant spending money with digital marketing companies to provide them with monthly reports about how much exposure they’re getting on Google (and other networking sites like Facebook). There are tons of different strategies out there for attracting more customers, but you can’t really beat SEO in terms of cost-effectiveness.

One particular type of SEO is local SEO. To put it simply, local SEO means optimizing your Google search results to show up whenever someone searches for your business’s address or the similar geographical settings to where your store/office/shop is located.

Local businesses are typically restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, etc. And the most important place that people are going to be looking for these kinds of places would be on their smartphones, because they’re very convenient: You can see exactly what a place looks like before you go there (using Google Maps), you know how far away it is from your current location and if it’s worth traveling towards it (using GPS), and you can easily find reviews about the place (using Google). And this is exactly why local SEO is so relevant.