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Local SEO is concerned with presenting your business high-up on Google to people who are searching for a related product or service. Any business that has a physical location can use local SEO brisbane to increase their leads and sales. If someone searches for a product or service that is related to your business, you can show up for that product and service, and therefore attract the person to your business. 

Google ranks specific businesses based on their relevance to the search term. If your business website has keywords related to the search term, and your website is optimised, it’s likely that you will show up in searches.

Google uses their specially coded processes to search millions of sites and rank them based on relevance. These processes are called algorithms. When you search something in Google, an algorithm runs a check through the Google Index and returns a list of websites that match the search term. These websites are ranked based on relevance, authority, and popularity, which is judged by inbound links.

Google has figured out that people searching for specific goods and services may be best served by results in their local area. After all, if you need to go to a dentist, you aren’t going to be looking for a clinic in another country! This is why Google takes into account your specific location, to show you the best nearby options for what you are searching for. This works particularly well if you include in the search term ‘near me’, which specifically tells Google you need local results.

The importance of local search has grown rapidly in recent years, due to the growing popularity of mobile phones, which have the ability to track your location and offer you nearby goods and services. As such, it’s more important than ever for businesses to optimise their local SEO to tap into the massive market of mobile phone users searching for products and services.

For both mobiles and computers, optimizing your local SEO is your best chance for gaining more website traffic, leads, and conversions. The great thing about local SEO is that it’s a better strategy for targeting interested customers near you. For small businesses, local SEO is a very valuable tool for competing against large brands who have unlimited resources, because you can tap directly into the local market and offer better customer service. By focusing on specific local SEO, you can negate the advantage of bigger brands who optimize for broader keywords and rely on brand recognition, and provide better value to the consumer which will help to build strong relationships. 

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Importance of a Google My Business profile

When it comes to local SEO brisbane, optimising your Google My Business account is one of the best ways to improve your visibility on Google Maps and in the local area. If you don’t yet have a Google My Business account, to create one is a simple and easy process. The harder part comes with optimising the account, which involves regularly uploading relevant content to drive interest and traffic. When creating your profile, you also need to ensure the information it contains is accurate and up-to-date. Remember to include your business logo, your hours of operation, the payment methods you accept, descriptions of your products or services, and high-quality images. Another great habit is to ask your customers to review your business on Google, and then respond to the reviews to demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

In more recent years, the popularity of voice search has risen, and as a business you can optimise your local SEO to cater to voice searches. When it comes to voice searches, people’s voice terms tend to differ from their written terms. Therefore, you will need to make adjustments to your SEO content to ensure it accommodates popular voice searches. 

The main difference between voice searches and typed searches is that voice searches generally make greater use of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords that are very specific and have many variations. Voice searches have a more conversational tone, and so your SEO needs to be adjusted for these changes.

When your SEO content is being optimised, it’s a good idea to do some research on the local terms being searched with the highest volume, to gain a greater and in-depth understanding of what your area has to offer in terms of goods and services, and what potential consumers are looking for. At SEO Mafia, we have the best keyword research software to research local areas and determine the most relevant keywords. We can analyse specific areas to see what people are searching for, and create or adjust a business’ content to target these keywords and increase traffic and leads. 

If your business services more than one area, location pages can be an excellent source of online traffic. When people search for a product or service, they are likely to add a location in the search to narrow the returned listings. For example, if someone were to search for a dentist, instead of just typing ‘dentist’ into a search bar, they would more likely type ‘dentist Brisbane’ to narrow the searches and find the best possible option more quickly. The following needs to be included in your location pages: 

  • Hours of operation
  • Business name, address, and contact info
  • Location-based description of products or services
  • Testimonials
  • Discounts or deals

By including this fundamental information, you are providing the potential consumer with all the information they need. 

Let your Local SEO specialist, SEO Mafia, work their SEO Brisbane magic!

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