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How SEO Mafia Attract An Audience

SEO Mafia believes it’s best to attract customers by using the marketing funnel, a simple marketing tool that uses four basic principles. The marketing funnel four steps comprise Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. 

The Marketing Funnel Concept

The idea of the marketing funnel is to convert an inactive non-customer into an active customer. An active customer may make a product purchase, hire your services, follow your socials, or anything that connects them to your business and helps your business grow.

The two best ways to convert customers are to find a target audience that you think will have a genuine interest in your business purpose and create a digital marketing strategy that works for you across many mediums 24/7.

The Marketing Funnel Steps:

  • Awareness
  • Interest 
  • Desire
  • Action


Building brand awareness of a business’s purpose and the service it provides is a crucial first step. There are many methods that SEO Mafia uses to do this as a part of our marketing strategy across different mediums and platforms.


Brand awareness is an essential first step; however, it is ineffective without creating interest when you have the audience’s attention. SEO Mafia creates interest to help turn a website visitor to explore long enough to think about engaging with the business.


An obvious but sometimes forgotten step is making your business and its service desirable. Usually, there tend to be other businesses selling the same product or offering the same service, meaning your business needs to stand out to be more desirable than your competition. SEO Mafia discusses effective marketing strategies with our clients to add an alluring element to entice the audience.


As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words, which is no different in marketing. A healthy audience is great; however, improving conversion rates are just as important. SEO Mafia has many techniques to ensure a non-active visitor converts into an active customer to help boost our client’s revenue.

Why The Marketing Funnel Matters

Accepting that you can’t please or convert everyone is essential for business progression. If you get too caught up in how everyone else feels about your business, it can cause unnecessary stress, and your business stagnates. 

However, it must be said that many key indicators can be used to help improve your marketing strategy. Returning to your marketing funnel is the first step in addressing the issues and quickly clarifying why an aspect of your marketing strategy is stalling. 

For example, if you create a social media page to grab attention and have many visitors in the first few days, your brand awareness has been successful. If these visitors stay to explore your page, it indicates you have created interest with explicit and engaging content. Yet if you struggle to turn the visitors into followers or they do not return, it shows your business is not as desirable as it needs to be. You need to alter something to stand out from your competitors, whether your prices, service or brand.

SEO Mafia Follow the steps for the best marketing results

All the marketing funnel steps are as important as each other. They need to be followed in order to attract a healthy and interested audience, as smoothly as possible, for the best marketing results.