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Digital Marketing Strategies For All Business

It is essential all businesses have a digital marketing strategy to support your business to run smoothly and for sustainability, no matter their purpose. A small business owner, a freelance service, a national corporation, a prominent enterprise and a well-established company all need digital marketing strategies. 

SEO Mafia can help create and implement one.

A marketing strategy needs to target an audience, and the most reliable way to do this is digitally in a technology-driven world. Traditional methods are still commonly used and have their purpose; however, a professional digital marketing strategy can attract a different audience. An audience that is connected and within reach 24/7

A Sound Digital Marketing Strategy

A business must decide how they wish to use digital marketing and understand how it will affect your business. SEO Mafia aims to use digital marketing to the advantage of our clients by informing, enticing and connecting with the audience they wish to attract. 

A sound digital marketing strategy needs to promote the business by portraying it in the most favourable light. It needs to concisely explain who they are and what they do in the many different mediums available. Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing as it is a platform to sell yourself as a business; it is just done online. 

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Digital marketing uses many online tools to promote businesses and their services or products. It involves many methods and techniques to build a brand’s appeal and attract an audience.

Whether you choose to use inbound marketing to entice customers using your brand reputation, service and appeal or outbound marketing with posters, emails and google ads promoting who you are and what you do, SEO Mafia can help.

Inbound marketing:

  • Prioritises a high-quality content focus
  • Builds long-term customer relationships
  • Cost-efficient marketing strategy
  • Helps create customer pool

Outbound marketing:

  • Heavy focus on sales campaigns
  • Aims to convert new traffic
  • Can take time
  • Comes with considerable overheads

Both techniques play an essential role in marketing and have pros and cons. For example, inbound marketing can build a more loyal customer base yet often needs more time to attract customers. In contrast, outbound marketing can create an impulse purchase with attention-grabbing and persuasive media; however, it can come with expensive overheads and seem desperate if done poorly.

Examples of Inbound Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Opt-in Email
  • Blogging
  • Content Creation
  • Video Content

Examples of Outbound Marketing:

  • TV and Radio Advertisements
  • Pop-Ups
  • Google As
  • Paid Revues
  • Banners