Google Algorithm

The Reason To Optimise Your Web Page To Google Algorithms

Google has a stronghold on the search engine market, with some estimation suggesting a staggering 92% of users choose Google as their search engine of choice. With numbers like these, all web pages must have a strong SEO that focuses on being valued by Google if they wish to have the desired traffic directed their way.

Global dominance

With a company value in excess of 300 billion dollars, Google plays a significant part in how society uses the internet and carries out business. Google is so much more than a search engine, as it has expanded into many areas, including an email service, a platform to watch and upload videos, a translating tool and a reliable news source. On average, Google answers 3.5billion internet searches daily, and it operates in 80 languages, reinforcing its global dominance.

Google algorithm

When a search is entered into Google, it needs to find related web pages for the query, rank them in order of importance and return them in a list for the user’s benefit, and all within a matter of seconds. It is an incredible feat to achieve, and Google has their comprehensive algorithms, known as PageRank, to thank.


PageRank, named after co-founder Larry Page, uses a collection of algorithms to complete a search and has an index of 3 billion websites. Once again, these are astounding figures that are hard to believe. Being noticed and valued by PageRank is the most significant SEO result that your SEO content strategy needs to achieve.

Evolving algorithm

Successful companies constantly strive to improve, and Google is no different, reinforcing their value as a leading brand. Google algorithms are essentially the brains behind their famous coloured, lettered logo, and there is a continuous effort to ensure Google algorithms evolve with technology advancements and user demand. Google algorithm updates are improvements made, which will see your business drop down the PageRank system if not acknowledged. 

Google algorithm updates

Broad core Google algorithm updates are released several times per year and mainly involve tweaks to better search interpretation and adjustment to give the user the best results they require. However, specific Google algorithm updates are in-depth projects that focus on improving a particular area where Google views a deficiency. Such as the 2015 Mobile Update, which adds PageRank value to mobile-friendly web pages, a crucial update considering an estimated 33% of Google searches are made from smartphones.

Examples of Google algorithm updates:

Google and SEO Gold Coast

It is critical to have your SEO heavily aligned to Google algorithms and adapt quickly to Google SEO updates. Our SEO Gold Coast specialists have the expertise to understand the reasoning behind a Google algorithm update and how and when to adapt to them. Our SEO Gold Coast will deliver a competitive PageRank that will lead to successful SEO results for your business.