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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Mafia has the experience and expertise to provide the best SEO Sunshine Coast services to all in the area. We will improve many online marketing strategies, including brand awareness, traffic quality, conversion rates, and returning customers.

Our SEO Sunshine Coast implements content for a positive and engaging online experience to hold customers’ attention and entice an online purchase. 

We also have an abundance of technical SEO methods to ensure no stone is unturned when striving for the best SEO results for you.

Examples of technical SEO methods we use:

  • Google SEO updates
  • Google Algorithm updates
  • SEO Keywords Research
  • SEO Content Strategy
  • Link Building
  • SEO Backlinks Building

Benefits of SEO Mafia’s SEO Sunshine Coast services

Affordable and cost-efficient marketing strategy

SEO Mafia offers affordable SEO Sunshine Coast services for all businesses to utilise our expertise and knowledge. 

A professional online marketing strategy allows a business to reach audiences more effectively than marketing strategies before the internet, leading to a more cost-efficient approach.


SEO Mafia ensures you get bang for your buck when you employ our SEO Sunshine Coast services, and we are confident we can repay business with improved SEO results leading to a boost in revenue.

Focus on Google directed traffic

As Google dominates the search engine domain, SEO Mafia focuses heavily on improving Google directed traffic. Our technical SEO methods, Google SEO updates, SEO keyword research and Google algorithms updates ensure we do everything we can to move the quality traffic you need to your webpage for enhanced SEO results.


Our SEO Sunshine Coast specialists have extensive SEO networks and Google algorithm connections to keep your business at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). We can also guarantee to find and implement the best keywords; to be recognised by the various Google algorithms.

Implement local search optimisation

Understanding the Sunshine Coast market is crucial to SEO results, and our SEO Sunshine Coast specialist will implement an effective local search optimisation to suit the local audience. 

As a part of our Sunshine Coast SEO, SEO Mafia will also add our clients to Google Local Business Listing and analyse the local market extensively to adapt accordingly.

Growing brand image

SEO Mafia believes that brand image is vital for a business to succeed and that our SEO Sunshine Coast can help it grow. We recognise the importance of an evolving SEO content strategy to draw new customers and adapt to user demand and browsing methods.

Our SEO Sunshine Coast focuses on growing brand image with short-and long-term goals to appeal and attract a broad audience whilst capitalising on your customers’ support to boost brand image and revenue.

Convert to a mobile-friendly website

Many potential customers are browsing the internet via smartphones and tablets rather than laptops or desktops, meaning that a technical SEO must be able to function across various mediums and be mobile-friendly. 

Our SEO Sunshine Coast specialist can efficiently and effectively convert web pages to be mobile friendly to ensure our client is not disadvantaged and ensures they have the best chance to prosper and succeed.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, proposing to optimise your web page to be the best it can be to be noticed by the many search engines scanning the internet for relevant web pages.

SEO Mafia recognised not all our clients are familiar with the technical terms, acronyms and words that the IT and Optimisation industry use in everyday life. To clarify the meaning of SEO, we believe it is best to define a search and optimisation.

What is a ‘search engine’?

A search engine is where a user enters their query to find information about a particular topic on the internet. The software uses algorithms to scan through millions and millions of web pages in an incredibly short time, looking for keywords that are relevant to the search. After the scan, a search engine list results in order of importance and quality to give the user the best chance of accessing the information they sought. 

Examples of search engines:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Duck Duck Go
  • Lycos
  • Yandex

What does ‘optimisation’ mean?

Optimisation means perfecting a process so that it functions in the best way possible. By putting practical methods in place, SEO Mafia can improve a web page to be at its optimum to achieve the most advantageous outcomes. There are many ways optimisation can be performed, and it depends on what needs to be improved, a.k.a optimised.

So now let us explain what ‘search engine optimisation’ is

Search Engine Optimisation is implementing methods and strategies to improve a webpage to ensure it is at its optimum level to be recognised by the various online search engines. 

Search engines are the primary mover of online traffic, directing nearly 90% of users looking for specific information. A web page optimisation must align with search engine algorithms to be in the top results from an online search.

A business with a quality SEO will benefit in many ways, such as increasing online traffic and a boost in sales and revenue.

SEO Sunshine Coast Specialist

A self-implemented search engine optimisation may seem like a good option; however, using an SEO Sunshine Coast specialist is highly recommended. It is a significant factor in business success. 

SEO Mafia understands the technical SEO practices needed to draw the attention of online traffic and make an immediate impact by executing changes effectively and efficiently. 

Our SEO Sunshine Coast knows the best way to transform your web page to be the envy of your competition.

Our technical SEO Sunshine Coast techniques:

  • SEO keywords research
  • SEO content strategy
  • Link Building
  • Internal links
  • Clean URLs
  • SEO backlinks building
  • Google algorithm updates

SEO Mafia performing quality Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Sunshine Coast will deliver quality Search Engine results to help your business become successful and prosper. With our technical SEO support, you will have a strong and attractive online presence to appeal to the many customers using search engines to look for a company just like yours.

SEO Mafia believes that an SEO content strategy must have a holistic content approach to attract and entice a vast audience and prevent poor business outcomes. 

Our SEO content strategy ensures your business’s web page immediately transforms to improve conversions rated and evolve as time passes for excellent and long-lasting SEO results. 

Appealing and technical SEO content plays a significant role in your brand awareness and is vital to achieving short term and long term goals.  Our SEO Sunshine Coast specialist will implement an SEO content strategy representing your business objectives and values to help boost your online identity and business revenue.

Our SEO content strategy considers:

  • Content Objectives
  • Target Audience
  • Distribution Methods
  • Content Form

Content objective

The content objective must inform, engage, and entice customers of the business’s purpose, values, and product or service. The content must answer questions, solve a problem, convert it into a sale, give directions or complete a task. 

Our SEO Sunshine Coast prioritises content objectives to ensure an SEO content strategy has a purpose to the audience it attracts.

Target audience

The target audience will differ from business to business depending on the purpose, product and service. This means that all our SEO content strategies need to be tailored to suit the customer we are acting on.

Some clients may have a small dedicated audience that we need to satisfy and keep interested; on the other hand, other clients need content to appeal to a broader audience, needing an SEO content strategy to suit. Understanding what audience you are trying to attract and please is critical for the best SEO results. 

For example, a website to change a tire may need text, graphics, audio and visual content to be understood by all demographics. In contrast, content for a website for a younger audience may need to focus on social media and blogs.

Distribution Methods

Having appealing and informative content is excellent, but it is not much use if not distributed to be accessed by a wide range of internet users. Using keywords is, in a way, a form of distributing your content to search algorithms, which then send traffic in your direction. 

However, other methods such as email outreach, social media post, link building, and influencers can also be used to distribute content.

SEO Mafia knows how to distribute best to ensure it gets as much attention as possible, and our SEO Sunshine Coast will create an SEO content strategy to spread your content far and wide.

Content form

As a part of an SEO content strategy, selecting the most beneficial form to display content can be the difference in how a business is perceived and understood. 

However, text can be informative and cover many topics; however, it may seem boring or require time to read. Whereas video can be engaging and fun, yet, needs a good internet connection and can be too much for simple queries.

Whether text, videos, photos, audio, infographic or the many other content forms are used, an SEO content strategy needs to ensure they work well together to produce a harmonised web page for optimum SEO results.

There are also virtual and augmented reality forms that we can use for that high tech edge on your competitors.

SEO Mafia’s Search Engine Optimisation methods will produce SEO results to enhance your overall business online marketing strategy. Our technical SEO team will optimise your web page with an extensive and calculated approach. 

Our SEO Sunshine Coast performs thorough research, which allows us to understand and identify what your target audience requires and how they searched for it. We also analyse data from our study to help optimise your web page to attract the quality traffic you need to boost your brand and conversion rates. 

SEO Mafia also analyses the market and assesses business competition to learn what SEO methods work and how best to implement them. Decision making is our strength, and we ensure we make the correct decision and execute necessary changes confidently to improve our SEO results.

Our SEO Sunshine Coast provides:

  • Through research
  • Market analysis
  • Competition assessment
  • Confident decision making
  • Superior optimisation

Our technical SEO Sunshine Coast techniques

SEO Keyword Research

SEO Mafia performs in-depth keyword research as a vital method to increase business revenue. Once we decide the best keyword for your business to be found by search engines, we can apply them to your content.

An effective keyword is crucial for your web page to be recognised by search engine’s when a search related to your business service is performed. Search engine algorithms scan millions of web pages looking for these keywords, so the importance of selecting the correct keywords for your webpage cannot be underestimated. 

SEO Content Strategy

SEO Mafia knows how to produce the best SEO content strategy for all businesses requiring our Sunshine Coast SEO services. Our SEO Sunshine Coast specialists have the technical SEO skills to implement and follow an SEO content strategy without cutting corners. We strive to make an immediate impact while focussing on long-term objectives to give the best SEO results for our clients.

SEO Mafia can create an SEO content strategy that will improve your quantity and quality of traffic and attract your target audience. Our SEO content strategies have many effective ways to hold the viewers and entice a sale. Once SEO Mafia has completed our work, your content will be complete, appealing and diverse to display your values and purpose to your online audience to ensure the best chance of business success.

SEO Backlink Building

SEO Mafia believes SEO backlink building is vital to boost brand awareness to an alternative audience away from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). By creating quality link building throughout the internet, we can attract traffic in another method other than search engine queries supplying our customers with a great audience. 

SEO backlink building delivers the best chance of positive SEO results, and we are the best Sunshine Coast SEO to implement SEO Backlink building.

The benefits of our SEO Sunshine Coast methods

There are many benefits of our SEO Sunshine Coast methods that will create excellent SEO results. With our SEO Sunshine Coast at your service, we will improve the quality of your traffic, increase your brand exposure and enhance conversion rate.

Benefits of SEO Mafia’s Search Engine Optimisation methods are:

  • Improved user experience
  • Engaging online content
  • Competitive page ranking
  • Easy to navigate web page
  • Increased quality traffic
  • Greater brand exposure
  • Raised conversion rate

The Google Monopoly

Google is the number one search engine service on the internet and has a monopoly on the search engine market. It is undoubtedly the most used search engine meaning search engine optimisation needs to focus on ensuring it aligns and carries out Google algorithm updates. 

As Google algorithms change frequently, Google algorithm updates are continuous and need constant attention to guarantee your business SEO results excel. 

What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is the sequence of instructions implemented to perform a task and will continue until the desired outcome is achieved. Regarding search engines, an algorithm is computer-driven, meaning it is highly comprehensive and swift. 

A search engine like Google has in-depth algorithms that will scan all corners of the internet sphere until all relatable results are found.

What is a Google algorithm?

As Google is the leader, and by some margin, of search engines, their algorithms are complex and extensive. With an estimated 70% of the market, Google has many algorithms doing specific jobs to provide results in order of relevance, importance and quality. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) provide the searcher with the most valuable web pages according to the Google algorithms.

Many would say Google algorithms are the best at assessing web page quality, query relevance and user experience for deciding page ranking. All Sunshine Coast SEO’s need to respect Google algorithm updates just like our SEO Sunshine Coast does.

When do Google algorithm updates happen?

As technology, the internet, and online habits evolve continuously, so do Google algorithms. Google identifies areas they need to improve to provide users with the best search engine service possible and then focus on developing Google algorithm updates to suit.


Generally, Google releases core algorithm updates each year that make slight alterations and tweaks to the search process. In contrast, other updates can be more specific to improve search experience or to adapt to technology changes. 

SEO Mafia has the knowledge and expertise for Google SEO updates 

It is essential for SEO Sunshine Coast companies to have the knowledge and expertise to acknowledge all Google SEO updates. Knowing when Google algorithm updates have been released is critical, as is understanding the purpose of the update.

It is essential to know when to make technical SEO changes that our SEO Sunshine Coast specialises in. We have the best industry resources and networks to understand what the Google SEO updates are trying to achieve. We know how to make alterations to ensure your SEO results are not affected.

Our professional SEO Sunshine Coast experience allows us to know whether changes need to be made and when to make them. Adapting too slowly can see your page rank drop, whilst making changes too quickly can be premature and unnecessary. Either way, SEO Mafia has the confidence and expertise to know what to do when the next Google algorithm update rolls out. 

A search engine scans millions and millions of web pages, looking for specific indicators that align with the search query. Many technical SEO methods can be introduced into a web page to ensure it attracts the attention of search engine algorithms, and SEO Mafia knows precisely what they are and how to implement them.

Search engines interpret the search query

The algorithms have evolved so much over the years that now they try to interrupt the search query to give the user the most relevant results. They interpret keywords, phrases and other search attempts to continue to find the optimum answers to satisfy.

A search engine can interpret the search requirements and the content they wish to view it in. Whether they need a service review of a service, historical information, or a popular music video, a search engine can sift through endless options of what could be searched to interpret them correctly.

Information and content relevance

A search engine will assess the webpage content and information and match the web page with the words or phrases written into the search bar. With the assistance of vital keywords in web page content, a search engine views millions of websites looking for similar words to those entered in their search engine. 

Once their extensive search is complete, the Search Engine Result Page will list the webpage from most relevant to best answer the user’s query.

Content quality and effectiveness

Having the optimum keyword is crucial, yet millions of web pages fighting for the same viewer quality must not be forgotten. Search engine algorithms have advanced so much that they learn how to assess the content quality to enhance its accuracy and client satisfaction.

Search engines make a judgement by looking for medium variation like audio, videos, photos and text within a web page, factoring in quality SEO backlink building and the web page authoritativeness. 

The need for quality content reinforces the need for a professional and technical SEO content strategy that our SEO Sunshine Coast can deliver.

Ease of use

It may sound basic, but the ease of using a web page is a significant factor in drawing the attention of search engine algorithms. Slow and lagging web pages are noticed by search engines and can be detrimental to page rank. 

A web page flow and appearance are also crucial to attract the attention of search engines. Keywords that are easy to spot, appealing interactive content and overall free-flowing usability are assessed by algorithms. 

A mobile-friendly web page is another attraction method and is now considered a non-negotiable for search engines regarding the search demand from smartphones and tablets. 

Web page context and safety

It is significant for a search engine to know what area a web page is servicing to find search results relevant to the city, state, country or region. Online safety is also vital with search engines not interested in compromised sites that can negatively impact their brand and carry malicious software.

Keywords are the words that need to be implemented into web page content that matches the terms a user types into a search engine when they have a query. It is classed as a keyword as it allows search engine algorithms to match the words in a search bar and webpage content and relay them back to the user due to a relevant pairing.

Keywords essentially allow algorithms to scan and coordinate the millions of web pages throughout the internet and create a Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). 

A keyword may be singular, known as a short-tail keyword, or several words together, known as a long-tail keyword.

Using keywords to their best potential in an SEO content strategy is crucial for search engines to notice your business webpage. Keywords will boost audience attention and conversion rates and need to be used seamlessly not to affect your web page appeal, which is a strength of our SEO Sunshine Coast, SEO Mafia.

How are keywords selected for best optimisation? 

Our SEO Sunshine Coast specialist at SEO Mafia can find the best keywords for a web page relatable to our client’s topic, product or service and attract the attention of search engine algorithms.

As keywords are an integral part of SEO content strategies, it is vital not to use inadequate or irrelevant words. Misleading keywords that confuse or trick your audience can be highly detrimental to your business brand, while keyword stuffing can affect the appeal and flow of your content. Your webpage only has the users attention for a short time, and it is critical to engage them with exciting and readable content.

Short-tail keywords

Short-tail keywords are straightforward words that a user uses at the beginning of an online search. Short-tail keywords will be short and generally broad, making it tricky for search engine algorithms to find the precise page to answer the query adequately. However, it does help start the process to seek the information they need. 

Results from a short tail keyword, or head keywords as they are sometimes called, will either provide an immediate answer or help shape the search into the right direction to find a more specific long-tail keyword. 

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are detailed and are far more helpful for search engine algorithms to find relevant and suitable query results. A long-tail keyword in a technical SEO allows potential customers with clear intent to be directed to your site when their query matches your long-tail keyword. 

Idyllic long-tail keywords lead to enhanced conversion rates with known customer interest in your service or product with a specific keyword search. 

Keyword research and implementation

Choosing the optimum short-tail and long-tail keywords for your web page can be the difference between business success and failure. Poor keywords struggle to attract the audience needed to be a sustainable and prosperous business. 

Extensive SEO keyword research is essential to finding the best keywords, and SEO Mafia is the best SEO Sunshine Coast. Our SEO Sunshine Coast specialist will find the keywords to improve your traffic, conversion rate and overall SEO results.

SEO Mafia uses many technical SEO methods as a part of our SEO keyword research that helps us identify the optimum keyword for our clients. The methods are vital to our SEO keyword research process and enable us to reach the desired SEO results.

Our SEO keyword research process: 


Like most creative processes, brainstorming is the best way to start. Putting down all potential keyword possibilities that may be useful and appropriate can help find a starting point. The brainstorming process considers business values and work scopes and uses descriptive words about the product and service that a user might use.

After brainstorming, SEO Mafia has a strong foundation of options that summarise your business effectively and potentially utilise them in our SEO content strategy.

Keyword Analysis

Analysing all keyword possibilities is a critical step for our  SEO Sunshine Coast specialist to find the best keywords for your business. We use keyword research tools to analyse all keyword options, which checks the keyword and enables us to hone our list. 

SEO Mafia can eliminate ineffective keywords and alter, improve and reinforce keywords that provide positive SEO results. The SEO keyword research tool also provides keyword suggestions that may not have been thought of previously.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is important to find out how your customers utilise and search for products and how your competitors attract traffic and entice a sale. It can save time using keywords that are not accurate for a search or have been tried and failed by other similar businesses.

SEO Mafia carries out extensive market analysis to know how your audience thinks to help us create the short-tail and long-tail keywords that will direct them to your web page before your competitors. 


Testing keywords before complete implementation is necessary to verify their effect and function. Testing them across various search engines and comparing SERP details to the business scope of the webpage you are optimising is an excellent way to try keywords.

Once SEO Mafia has found the short tail and long-tail keywords for your business, we can implement them smoothly into your web page content.

The detrimental effect of poor keyword implementation

It is a well-known fact that keyword research is vital for the best SEO results and that finding the most beneficial keyword is paramount to all business web page success. If misleading or confusing keywords are used, then the traffic directed will be less likely to be interested in your service and product, meaning a lower conversion rate.

Poor keyword implementation often happens when there is a lack of understanding of your target audience and how they search for a service or product. Wrong keyword selection can also be detrimental to your online content. 


Using poor keywords will alter the appeal and flow of your web page as it makes it an awkward and uncomfortable user experience. The challenge of businesses is to find the best keyword that summarises a business whilst attracting quality traffic. SEO Mafia is confident we are the best Sunshine Coast SEO to do this efficiently and effectively.

SEO content is everything that is displayed on a web page and is used to attract, inform, engage and entice a customer. Effective and technical SEO content can hold the attention of a web page visitor and should also provide an enjoyable online experience.

SEO Mafia recognises the importance of a solid SEO content strategy for all businesses to achieve prosperous SEO results. We believe SEO content should evolve as user habits change and business objectives alter.

SEO content must be extensive and diverse to display your business in the best possible light and give your customers an understanding of who you are, your purpose, what product or service you offer. 

A well-implemented SEO content strategy is what SEO Mafia specialises in and should be an integral part of all Sunshine Coast SEO to enable your business to be easily found and please your audience.

SEO content must include:

  • Information
  • Context
  • Medium
  • Form


Content information must be accurate and informative to provide the best message to your audience. The attention of a web page visitor is short, and you need to capitalise on this by providing information that is easy to access and understand.

Our SEO Sunshine Coast works to ensure the content we use to portray a business gives the viewer a deep understanding of the business brand and identity. The information we use is entertaining to give visitors an enjoyable experience to encourage returning clients and word of mouth. 


Content context is often vague, leading to an unclear purpose and identity of a business. The content should inform a viewer of the context of your business regarding its locations, the area it provides a service, the purpose of its existence and the product or service they provide.

SEO Mafia emphasises the context believing they are a significant factor for a business to gain customer attention and revenues. Many Sunshine Coast SEO agencies waste time fooling customers with gimmicks when customers seek easy to read and informative context. We explain your business as a primary focus when we plan your SEO content strategy.


Mediums content is viewed can vary depending on the audience demographic and the purpose of your product. A hospitality business may have a large portion of their customer base use smartphones to find information meaning the content medium needs to be mobile orientated. In contrast, online shoppers may find it easier to view photos and read reviews from a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Our SEO Sunshine Coast specialist ensures that your web page appeals across all mediums; however, can also add some key content ingredients to enhance your SEO results on the most prosperous medium form.


The content form is one of the most significant factors in an SEO content strategy, and using forms variety creates an engaging and enjoyable experience for your visitors. Written content needs to be informed and flowing, infographics can allow mundane data to be appealing, and photos and videos give that visual stimulation that most customers want.

SEO Mafia analyses the target audience to understand the content that best attracts their attention and utilises it to entice a sale and improve brand awareness.

The vast majority of people use search engines to find a specific service, product or information they require. The fast and effective method is so popular that all businesses across all industries should consider implementing a Sunshine Coast SEO. 

A strong SEO will put your business in front of your competitors and put your name at the Search Engine Result Pages peak.

We believe a Sunshine Coast SEO will benefit all industries in our area, including hospitality, trades, professional services, online business and medical practices.

Hospitality Industry 

A Sunshine Coast SEO that prioritises local visibility is crucial for all businesses in the hospitality industry. Local visibility puts your webpage amongst the first options shown in Sunshine Coast and gives you the edge over your competitors. 

People search for reviews and variety before selecting their cafe, bar or restaurant of choice, reinforcing the need for a solid and technical SEO. Online reviews have taken over as the preferred referral method, and our SEO Sunshine Coast can set your web page and provide all the crucial information to get people through your door.

Trades Business 

SEO mafia can provide trades with a whole new audience that they would not have access to by implementing SEO content strategies and other technical SEO methods. Many trades stick to verbal referrals and brand reputation to source work, and many trade companies ignore an online presence.

However, once a trade uses our SEO Sunshine Coast services, they will draw local clients that may not be within trade circles, leading to paying jobs they would not otherwise have. 

Professional services

People like to do their research before using a professional service to know what they will receive from the service and its reputation. The research is now done online, and an informative and technical SEO can be the difference between gaining a customer.

An SEO with positive client reviews, service summaries and operation details will encourage clients to use your services. Our SEO Sunshine Coast services create a professional web page to bring confidence and respect to those requiring your skills.

Online business

As online businesses do not have a physical store to attract clients and entice a sale, they need to focus on their SEO results heavily. A benefit is that you can be more specific in your marketing approach and use resources more efficiently and effectively.

Without a physical location, such as an office or shop, it is crucial not to lose your human connection with your clients, and a robust online marketing strategy can help with that. Our SEO Sunshine Coast can help with this through social media, mobile apps and internet websites, giving you a platform to express your business and connect with your audience.

Medical Practices 

With many medical practitioners going it alone and with a growing field of alternative medicine therapists, an online presence for medical practices is becoming more necessary. 

It is also understandable that people want as much reassurance and information before committing to medical treatment. Having an informative web page can offer the peace of mind they require.

SEO Mafia can optimise your web page to attract these clients to make your medical practice flourish and build a regular client base.