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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions about our SEO Brisbane, so here we have listed the most asked. We hope we can give you a clearer understanding of our SEO Brisbane services from the answers to the questions below.

SEO is an acronym that expands to Search Engine Optimisation

So often in the technology world, we get lost in our computer tech jargon full of complex wording and an abundance of acronyms. When it gets mixed in with our everyday conversations, we cannot expect everyone to understand, so please, let us explain what Search Engine Optimisation means.

Let’s start by simply breaking down Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine – Is essentially a software program that allows internet users to search keywords to find information on the topic they are searching for. A search engine can quickly scan millions of online websites and use algorithms to list results from the most relevant to the searched keywords. Commonly used search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Safari and DuckDuckGo.

Optimisation – It is the methodology of trying to perfect something by ensuring the process is functional and practical. Using a situation or resource and making it the best it can be to provide the most effective outcomes is the basic concept of optimisation.

So let’s get back to the original question of what is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your online content and brand to help your business webpage have greater visibility when a keyword related to your scope is searched on a search engine.

SEO is best done by an SEO Brisbane Specialist who understands the many technical SEO methods that can be used to improve your online presence. The optimisation methods may be a simple change, such as a Google SEO update, or more comprehensive, like an SEO content strategy overhaul.

Our SEO Brisbane uses a mix of optimisation techniques to improve your website. 

  • SEO keywords research
  • SEO content strategy
  • Link Building
  • Internal links
  • Clean URL’s
  • SEO backlinks building
  • Google algorithm updates

There are many positive results from using our SEO Brisbane

Our Brisbane SEO enhances your websites exposure when a keyword is entered into a search engine. The more functional and effective your websites SEO results are, the greater chance your website will be listed towards the top end of the search engine’s list of results. This leads to more significant website traffic and greater business brand exposure, crucial for any online marketing strategy. 

A healthy SEO also helps the user to have a positive experience when using your web page. Having engaging content and easy to use navigation will ensure users return to your site, which means more traffic and exposure by building a solid client base.  

We are the best SEO Brisbane, and with our help, your business SEO can heighten your site awareness, and online presence can be the difference between making it a sustainable, and hopefully, profitable business. Building an appealing online identity is critical to all business in the modern way we do things in business, and our SEO Brisbane can help you build your business brand.

Let our SEO Brisbane help you become more successful.

Strong SEO results will create a flow-on effect to improve your business chances to have a competitive conversion rate, bringing in more significant revenue to help your business succeed ultimately.

Our SEO Brisbane specialist uses many SEO Brisbane techniques to give a comprehensive optimisation to enhance your business web page. The technical SEO that is performed is holistic, including intensive research to understand your target audience and deep analysis to understand your business market and the best way to improve your online presence. 

Before SEO Mafia implements any SEO Brisbane techniques, we have to our due diligence to ensure we are making the correct decision to improve your web page. Once we are confident we have all the information required, our SEO Brisbane specialist can get to work.

Here are some of our SEO Brisbane techniques

SEO Keyword Research

We consider ourselves the keyword kings, with our talented Brisbane SEO specialist knowing how and when to use keywords to their best use. Our SEO keyword research identifies commonly used words in navigational, informational and transactional search queries. 

Once a keyword is singled out, SEO Brisbane Mafia can utilise it to align our SEO Brisbane client’s web page to be found easily on search engine hunts related to their product or service. Finding the keywords to suit your business is vital, and SEO Mafia is the best SEO Brisbane company to help you with this.

SEO Content Strategy

We confidently back our SEO content strategy team against any of our SEO Brisbane competitors. We know we have the right technical SEO skills to find your business’s value to consumers and display it engagingly and effectively. 

By identifying the target audience and then strategising the content of your website intelligently, we can help improve your quality of traffic whilst holding consumers’ attention. Ultimately, this may lead to an increased conversion rate, bringing in more revenue to help your business become more profitable.

SEO Backlinks Building

We don’t just link; we put our time, energy and resource toward SEO backlink building to give your business a brand awareness boost with high-quality connections. Our team will direct quality traffic to your website to increase your exposure and enhance your search engine ranking by leaving strong links on alternative websites. 

It is a trialled and tested SEO strategy used by all SEO Brisbane companies; however, we believe our group of SEO Brisbane specialists offers the best SEO Brisbane services for link building implementation. 

Google SEO Updates/Google Algorithm Updates

We are keeping you up to date! So Google has the search engine monopoly, with variable estimations ranging between 70% to a crazy 93% of the search market share. It reinforces the need to keep renewed with Google algorithm updates to ensure your webpage ranking does no fall behind due to complacency.

Google determines your website’s estimated importance with crafty algorithms and then slaps on a ranking to which position you will be displayed from a relative search. Our Google SEO updates better your page ranking chances to keep your business web page at the top of all Google searches that may require your services and products. This enhances your chance of quality customers being directed your way.

Google is the most popular search engine globally with an estimated 70%, if not more, depending on the source, of the search engine market. With the monopoly on online searching, the tech giant’s algorithm constantly evolves to provide the end-user with the best results from the keywords or phrases typed. 

But what is an algorithm?

An algorithm is a sequence of instructions designed to perform a particular task. In this instance, it is computer implementable and will continue the algorithmic process until relatable results are found to the query.

And what is Google algorithm?

Googles algorithm is an incredibly complex system that has many algorithms doing their own problem-solving job. As a collective, they will use the keywords used in your search engine query to find relevant pages, rank them in order of importance and then return them to an ordered list.

The page ranking algorithm looks at varying factors, including the quality of a webpage, its relevance to the search query and the usability for the online user. It is crucial to keep current with any Google algorithm updates and ensure your SEO Brisbane is adjusted to them.

How often do Google algorithm updates occur?

Google tends to release broad core algorithm updates several times per year and release more specific algorithm updates as they see fit. Specific algorithm updates may be due to a change in the way users search the internet, such as the Mobile Updates in 2015, which favoured mobile-friendly pages, or when Google finish projects that improve algorithm function and query interpretation, like the Bert 2019 update.

SEO Mafia can help your Google SEO updates!

It is essential to know when a Google algorithm update has landed and its purpose. Our SEO Brisbane specialist has the most trusted resources to quickly and promptly learn when Google algorithm updates have been released. Knowing when to act is crucial. 

Sometimes updates roll out over a few days or need some time to settle to see how it reacts to the demand of millions of daily users. It’s a fine line between making knee-jerk decisions that are detrimental to your SEO results and not acting quickly enough to find your web page dropping down the rankings. On some occasions, Google algorithm updates may suit your SEO results to make them stronger, and there is no need to change anything.

Utilising our SEO Brisbane will ensure your Google SEO updates are done correctly and at the right time to help your Google page rank.

Google updates are important for your websites SEO!

As Google has the majority of online users seeking their help when they need answers to their query, your business SEO must be up to date to ensure your website is amongst the first sites ranked. If you fall behind, your website will soon be in the wilderness with the many other million websites with little interest from any search engine trying to help their end-users.

By using our SEO Brisbane services, your business will have an SEO suited to the current day to give you the best search engine ranking that will increase your online traffic. And when matched with engaging website content, it will benefit your brand exposure and revenue.

A few areas a search engine looks for when finding web pages from keywords or phrases searched. This allows them to find relevant pages, rank them in order of importance and then return them to the user’s queries. Let’s not forget the search engine look at millions of website in a matter of seconds, meaning these areas are important to our SEO Brisbane when we optimise websites.

Understanding the query

Understanding what the user is searching for is vital. Interpreting the meaning of the keywords entered into the search engines and the query’s intent allows the search engine to find the relevant web pages. Whether the user is looking for a definition of a word, a review of a product, an item to purchase, information on an event, all these things and more need to be understood. Sometimes the query is clear and concise with plentiful details; however, occasionally, little information, maybe even just a singular word, is used. The search engine’s algorithm needs to find the best results for the end-user.

Page relevance

Finding the relevant web pages to answer the query is a challenge amongst all the millions of web pages it needs to search—the search engine indexes all websites continuously by analysing its content. Keywords are an integral part of a search and, when matched on a website, allows that website a higher ranking due to obvious page relevance.

Content quality

With so many websites to choose from, content quality is essential. Search engines prioritise trustworthy web pages that show authoritativeness. This is why a strong SEO content strategy is necessary. Three of the main factors a search algorithm will look for is the number of backlinks, the quality and quality of the linking pages. Essentially, if you have quality content, you can produce a high number of backlinks from quality pages. This will increase the chances that your web pages will be considered a high-quality webpage, meaning a high page ranking.

Webpage usability

The overall useability of the webpage is a significant factor in page rank. Due to search engines operation across all browsers, the web page appearance, responsiveness, and speed must be suitable in all browsers. They also need to be mobile-friendly, considering the demand for instant access via smartphones and tablets. The safety of browsing and the security of the websites is crucial, with no search engine wanting to be responsible for leading users to compromised sites. Overall, a webpage with interactive experiences, quick loading, and visual stability will please search engine algorithm and promote your website up the ranks.

Search context and settings

The circumstances of the user can heavily influence a ranking. Their known location will allow appropriate results for their city, state, country or region. Their history searches can help prioritise sites that they often frequent as it indicates their preferences. While search settings help with the method of keyword queries and the common interest to help direct them to webpages that suit user needs.

Business across all industries differ immensely in regards to their services and products they offer; however, the fact is they all need good visibility to draw customers. Some industries may benefit more than others from a high-quality SEO. Still, considering nearly three-quarters of people research online as their primary method of finding a service or a product, we suggest all companies consider using our SEO Brisbane specialist.

Here are some industries that we believe get the best SEO results from our SEO Brisbane.

Hospitality – bars, restaurants, cafes

As a result of how our modern-day society has evolved, a quick online search for a nearby cafe, or an online booking for a specific cuisine restaurant, or a quick google to find a nice bar for some weekend beers is a common habit. Having a solid SEO that focuses on your overall identity along with a strong local SEO to ensure you are the first to be suggested amongst your local rivals is crucial. Word of mouth can only get you so far, so let our SEO Brisbane service improve your crowd quickly with good local SEO results.

Trades – home repairs, renovations, emergencies

It is often business furthest away from the technology world that needs the technology world the most. Trade leads are everything to a local business, with the more leads creating more quotes and inquiries, which hopefully convert into paying jobs. SEO Brisbane can create a webpage with a local preference that will help your company jump to the top of the list when someone needs your trade expertise.

Professional services – accountants, IT support, financial planners, lawyers

By human nature, many users will be reluctant to invest without doing their research beforehand. Many potential clients wish to view services online and read testimonials and reviews to determine the quality of your service before committing. Having a professional web page using the best SEO Brisbane will help you reach your target audience, improving your existing business while bringing in new clientele.

Online business – online shopping, photographers, journalist, artist

It may sound obvious, but if you are running an online business, the need for an effective SEO is decisive. When you do not have a physical presence in an office or shop front, it is harder to draw clients and find leads. However, this can also be turned into an advantage as you can put more resources into your online presence to ensure your SEO results are rewarding. Your inbound and outbound strategies are all in one place to expand your business across social media, mobile apps and internet websites, giving you an incredible platform to succeed, which our SEO Brisbane specialist can help you with.

Medical Practices – dentist, physician, general practitioners, therapist

The world of medical practices has long been run on referrals and large medical clinics sharing facilities that are easy to find. Many medical services have expanded into niche groupings and alternative therapies to provide further client choice in recent years. Many practitioners have also moved towards their own businesses, which have made them open private office spaces. To have SEO Brisbane set up your medical practice’s SEO location is vital to ensure your local status with the correct target audience that may need your services to give yourself greater visibility to the appropriate clients.

A keyword is a word a user types into a search engine when they have a query they wish to find an answer to. A keyword can also be a few words that make up a short phrase known as a long-tail keyword that provides more information to give a more specific search. Incorporating your keyword intelligently into your website content and technical SEO will improve your chances of obtaining a more extensive and relevant target audience. Keywords must not be used awkwardly to affect the flow and appearance of your website.

Keywords are often chosen by the website owners, online marketers, or SEO Brisbane specialists optimising the website. Keywords often relate to the topic, product or service the website wishes to communicate and is an integral part of the SEO content strategy. Using misleading keywords or trying to trick your audience with keyword stuffing is detrimental to your website and something that SEO Mafia avoids. It is also vital to align keywords and their use within the search engine guidelines.

Short-tail keywords vs long-tail keywords

Short tail keywords are very broad and often used at the beginning of the search mission. It is just a general keyword that is the topic or an idea of what the user is looking for. It can sometimes be called the head keyword and gives the person a starting point which may provide them with the answer they require, end the search due to being off-topic or lead them towards a more specific long-tail keyword.

Long-tail keywords help to narrow down the search to give results that are more relevant and effective. Long-tail keywords benefit the user by leading them to websites that provide a better solution to their query, as well as helping the website owner by delivering a potential client that has a clear interest in their service or product. Long-tail keywords lead to higher conversion rates because of this.

The importance keywords

Keywords can help identify the target audience to help your content speak a language that will connect with them. As they have already searched your keyword to be directed to your site, the conversation has already begun, and the familiarisation is written throughout your webpage.

It also is essential to align search engine algorithms to help visibility and search engine ranking. This will enhance your direct traffic from search engine to website, which will increase conversion if your overall SEO results are optimum to engage and entice your audience.

Keyword research and implementation

The correct choice of keywords can be the difference between a struggling business and a successful business. Even if you have the ideal keyword in mind, it pays to carry out SEO keyword research to check to see if it is the best keyword option and what alternatives may be more effective. 

Keyword research is the necessary planning and marketing strategy step that helps eliminate undesirable keywords, discover keywords that pack a punch, and learn how your target audience searches for your product or service. Once the SEO keyword research has identified functioning keywords for your website, our SEO Brisbane can begin implementing them within your website content for more significant SEO results.

As keywords are significant to SEO results, it is crucial to make sure the best keywords are used for the website being optimised. If a website provides poor traffic or attracts the wrong audience, it is often due to lousy selection from not understanding the audience and how they search for the services or product they are looking for. 

Using poor keywords can also affect your online content as it can affect the flow, making for an uncomfortable and awkward user experience. Finding keywords that tick all the boxes to attract the desired traffic and create an effective SEO content strategy. It is critical to carry out comprehensive SEO keyword research for these reasons.

When carrying out SEO keyword research, our SEO Brisbane follow specific steps to ensure we have carried out a comprehensive search to find the most effective keyword for your business webpage. 

Brainstorming keywords

As basic as it sounds, sitting down and brainstorming all potential keywords is the best way to start SEO keyword research. Documenting all descriptions of your product or service and finding a few singular keywords to summarise the topic of your business can give effective keywords that are straightforward and bring a few that may not have been thought of before.

Analyse keywords

Using a keyword research tool able our SEO Brisbane to analyse options that we have listed as potential keywords by giving data on the effectiveness. This allows us to refine our list to remove any ideas that seem not to have any user importance when making a relevant query. It also helps find alternative keywords that we may not have been brainstormed but have evidence of regular use.

Understand market

By selecting suitable keywords for your business, we can now look into how your market utilises these words in their search queries. Whether a certain word is used more than others or whether we can link words to create a long-tail keyword all come down to how your target audience describe your product or service in a search.

Testing keywords

Once we have complete our SEO keyword research, we will run final testing to reinforce your keywords function. By making queries across many different search engines and then assessing the result to see if they match your scope of business, we can check to see if the keywords are of the meaning we want them to be.

Using Keywords

Now research is complete and keywords have been selected, it is important to use them correctly. It is true that the main reason for keywords is to grab the attention of the search engine bots and for them to acknowledge the importance of your page. However, your website still needs authentic content for genuine people, as you are providing a product or service. Each page needs visible keywords to reassure your visitors and the algorithm that you offer what they are looking for. Keywords need to be used intelligently to be visible but not interrupt the flow or scare away the client.

The SEO content on your webpage is essential to attract customers and engage them long enough to entice a sale of your product or survive. This means that it is a vital, if not the most important, part of our SEO Brisbane services. Your content needs to be a continuous process as your business objectives evolve, with your content a primary means of achieving your outcomes.

SEO content needs to be holistic and consist of comprehensive details that do not leave your website visitors unsure of your service or product. Your SEO content should allow the customer to discover your business and then engage organically to decide whether your business is what they are after. 

SEO Brisbane knows what your website needs to be complete

Content needs information

Information is pivotal to your overall message you are sending to your client. It needs to be factual and informative to explain a deep understanding of who you are, where you are and what your business provides. It also needs to be appealing and entertaining to give your website visitor a pleasant experience; however, practicality cannot be lost due to this. Your website’s information needs to be efficient, so it can be used without the user being lost amongst playful or boring content.

Content needs context

Context allows your information to have a purpose. Emphasising context in your content tells the website visitor what you are offering and trying to accomplish. It explains why you are seeking their business and reinforces why they are your target audience. Your content context encompasses your objectives and your identity.

Content needs a medium

Knowing your medium that will display your content is important in how it is optimised. A standard online website is a good starting point; however, ensuring it is eligible and appealing on mobile devices is critical. If you are a cafe or restaurant, your customers will often use a smartphone to search for the service you provide; therefore, our Brisbane SEO will prioritise a strong mobile presence. People looking for professional services or shopping online may prefer to use a computer or laptop to undertake more profound research. Then you add social media and blog content which needs to be slimline, to the point and everchanging to keep a clear and continuous dialogue with your audience.

Content form

Content is not just words on a screen. The words are essential and need to be well thought, descriptive and informative; however, that is just the base for the best SEO results. Utilising graphics can catch a potential client’s eye and gives a visual example of your product or service. Bringing in audio and video content offers a whole new dynamic to your webpage with comprehensive explanations and descriptions, which can often be what your target audience prefers. Virtual or augmented reality may be introduced to take your business above and beyond what your competitors can provide to give you the winning edge.

Planning prevents poor performance, and this is no difference when using content to attract customers to use your business product or service. Having a solid SEO content strategy to ensure you have a continuous process to translate your business objective is crucial. Content is your primary means of achieving outcomes, and therefore comprehensive planning and strategising is critical.

It is important to analyse your business objective and your short and long-term goals and use your content to emphasise this. Asking the question about your business’s objectives, target audience, and methodology is a massive part of SEO content strategy.

SEO content strategy questions we ask our SEO Brisbane specialist

What do we want the content to achieve?

Is it to inform an audience about a topic, describe and sell a specific product or service, engage users to entice them to return, give the user a fun and memorable experience, or give step-by-step directions on how to complete a task? Have a clear and concise understanding of what your wish to accomplish and make your content help you portray this.

Which audience is your content targeted for?

You may have one primary target audience with a preferred method of searching for content, or maybe your website needs to appeal to a range of demographics. This can make a huge difference in knowing how to appeal to users and not alienate potential customers. A website to change a tire may need text, graphics, audio and visual content to give the best chance for anyone to utilise it. As content for a website for teen audience may prefer to focus on social media and playful blogs.

How to distribute your content?

Having complete content that is appealing and informative, that engages and entices, and is full of SEO techniques is what our SEO Brisbane aims to achieve. Now how to distribute it? Having a competitive page rank on search engines via keyword use is critical; however, we can also have strategies to utilise social media, email outreach, influencers and quality backlinks.

How to be proactive and progressive?

Having intelligent and planned governance over your content to ensure it is current and compelling is a significant part of our SEO Brisbane services. It is essential to be on guard to be proactive and make SEO changes and updates before page rank and brand reputation is tarnished. This can be achieved with the correct SEO content strategy.

What form will suit your content?

Choosing the correct content form is important so your business can communicate in different ways. An informative text piece is usually the most commonly used form as it can give a deep understanding while connecting with your customer. Graphics can help remove any queries about your product or service to provide a visual explanation. Whilst videos and audios are a great way to engage your audience with interactive and appealing content. For those business looking for a high-tech advantage, virtual and augmented reality can be used.

How to source ideas and align them with your brand?

Finding avenues to source ideas to improve your content can transform plain and basic content into a complete flourishing website. Utilising alternative content forms that were not planned initially or adding a medium that you may not have thought suitable for the target audience can be beneficial.  Aligning them with your brand needs to be done carefully, not to affect original SEO content strategies and to combine seamlessly to prevent awkwardness and give a fluent user experience.

There are many reasons why you should use our SEO Brisbane. Not only is our SEO Brisbane going to improve your overall brand and online presence, but it will also be beneficial for your business finances. 

Here we explain why you should use the best SEO Brisbane services.


In previous decades, marketing strategies would cost business huge money; however, the internet has opened an easy and accessible avenue to attract clientele, with many costs removed from these expensive marketing budgets. Working with our SEO Brisbane services will cost a  fraction of what your marketing strategy would have been pre-google and will help attract local, national and global customers to improve business revenue.

Local search optimisation

One of the essential strategies of our SEO Brisbane is to implement a solid local presence. Our SEO Brisbane specialist can do this to ensure your website is added to the Google Local Business Listing and undertakes an SEO that focuses on the local market.

Improve Google traffic

As Google is the king of search engines and has a monopoly on the market, it is important to focus your SEO to improve your traffic and page rank from Google. When you hire our SEO Brisbane, we will ensure that your website has Google SEO updates and has the best keywords to suit Google algorithm updates.

Enhance brand image and growth

If your brand sits idle, it will not automatically grow. SEO Mafia will implement an ongoing SEO content strategy to ensure your brand’s growth is strong and your image appeals to the online target audience. We are proactive to keep your SEO current and adequate to the benefit of your business brand.

Mobile-friendly website

You cannot run two versions of your website, so our SEO Brisbane service can convert your website to make it mobile-friendly. As many users are connected via smartphones and tablets rather than laptops or desktops, your website SEO must be functional across all devices. The user experience must not be affected by unresponsive pages or non-compliant content to get the best SEO results.

Adding video content

Video content is becoming the new non-negotiable in website SEO, and it is important to know how to add it to your website to make it effective. Our SEO Brisbane service can add video content to ensure it is high-quality and visible. We will also make it shareable, as sharing videos is a great way to enhance your chances of higher traffic. Customers like the ease of video content with its self-explanatory and interactive output. Video testimonials are also a new way of adding value to your product or service. 

User experience

An SEO content strategy can often get lost to only attracting customers by technical SEO methods to improve search engine rankings. However, the user experience once they have arrived at your site must also be spot on. Our Brisbane SEO creates an experience using a mix of content form to engage your website visitor’s interest. We will hold them long enough from deep consideration into your product or service, hopefully leading to an online purchase.