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Decoding the world of SEO

If you have done any research into search engine optimisation, you may have come out more confused than when you went in.  This is a common thing: the more you delve into SEO, the more complex and fluid it seems to become. So what is the go with SEO in 2021? And what are some

The benefits of a professional SEO content strategy

Getting SEO results You have all your boxes ticked. You have weekly uploaded content across your webpage and social media accounts; you have found the relevant hashtags and used trending keywords in your posts. Yet, you are just not seeing the results the internet searches vloggers and influencers have guaranteed. Frustrating, isn’t it?  At the

Technical SEO: Why your business needs to jump on the SEO train in 2021

Technical SEO for business in 2021 Many Australian business owners are still doing it old school! However, over the last decade, traditional businesses have had to start coming to the party as the services and commerce world has moved online, especially since the COVID-19 global pandemic of 2020 has forced companies to review their classic